Welcome to Perform - everything you need for the registration and management of your competition or eisteddfod.

Perform with us

Perform has been designed and refined through direct experience with competition organisation and administration.


Perform can meet the needs of your individual competition or eisteddfod, from registration through to scheduling and from adjudication to publishing results.


Dance competitions; calisthenics competitions; music and performing arts eisteddfods; athletics competitions or other age based events have never been so easy to manage.

Perform is here to save you time and ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally.


We are an Australian based organisation and our at call team is here to help, guide and support you to deliver a successful event.  

Why Perform?
  • We provide full support as part of our service
  • We, and the system are flexible and efficient

  • You can access information that is relevant to your event

  • Perform is a reliable, cost effective user pay system