We help you to Perform


Perform was borne out of frustration with online registration for dance competitions and hours upon hours of administration just to produce a running sheet, program or competitors passes....let alone be able to see results when you're not at the venue!

Perform Registration and Management Systems is here to relieve the frustrations, eliminate the time that it takes to manage an event,  and allow you focus on what matters.


The team at Perform will set up your competition or eisteddfod, including its own website and branding, then let the system do the rest!

  • Build a competition

  • Register competitors through secure Paypal payments

  • Auto generation of receipts

  • View registrations

  • Manage section entries

  • Produce passes

  • Produce sign in sheets

  • Facilitate adjudication and produce adjudication sheets

  • Produce a program

  • Publish results

  • Aggregate winners

  • Advertise your sponsors